Sunday, March 15, 2009

Try to be An Animal.

Dependence, rejection, the possibility of rejection... and still deeper. In sex, we become just like animals. That hurts the human ego very much, because then there is no difference between a dog making love and we making love. What is the difference? Suddenly we become like animals, and all the preachers, moralists, they go on saying to man: Don't be an animal! Don't be like animals! This is the greatest condemnation possible. In no other thing we are so animal-like as in sex, because in no other thing we are natural - in everything else we can be unnnatural. We are eating food.

" We have created so much sophistication about eating that we are not like animals. The basic thing is like the animal, but our tables, our table manners, the whole culture, the etiquette we have created around food is just to make it distinct from animals. Animals like to eat alone. So, every society creates in the mind of every individual that to eat alone is not good. Share, eat with the family, eat with friends, invite guests. No animal is interested in guests, in friends, in family.

Whenever an animal is eating he wants nobody to come near; he goes into loneliness.

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