Thursday, September 10, 2009


Do anything totally and not only is it finished, but also will not carry the psychological memory of it. Do anything incompletely and it stays with you, it goes on and becomes a hangover. The mind wants to continue and complete it. Mind has a great temptation to complete things. complete anything, and the mind is gone. If you continue doing things totally, one day you suddenly find there is no mind is gone. Mind is the accumulated past of all incomplete actions. You wanted to love a woman; now the woman's gone. You wanted to go to your father and to be forgiven for all that you had done in such a way that he was hurt; now he is dead.

The hangover will remain with you like a ghost. Now you are helpless - what to do? Whom to go, and how to ask of forgiveness? You wanted to be kind to a friend but could not because you became closed. Now the friend is no more, and it hurts. Things go on like this. Do any action totally and you are free of it; you don't look back because there is nothing to see. You have no hangovers. You simply go ahead. Your eyes are clear of the past; your vision is not clouded.

"Do any action totally and you are free of it. You don't look back because there is nothing to see."

'he could feel it, he could have touched it. It was almost tangible'

Because the king was converted, the whole country, by and by, was converted. And it is said in the old scriptures that a time came when the whole country became empty. Empty?! - it is a buddhist word. It means people became nobodies, they lost their ego-trips. People started enjoying the moment. The hustle and the bustle, the competitive violence, disappeared from the country. It became a silent country. It became empty... as if no one was there. The "people" as such disappeared; a great godliness descended the country. This was at the root of it, the very source.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009