Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Cosmos Is a Dance of Opposites

There is such an abundance of bliss in the heart of existence that it is flowing, overflowing.

Man alone cannot flow; he needs the presence of a woman. Without the woman man is inhibited and closed. In the same way, without man the woman is inhibited and closed. Their togetherness causes their energies to spring into the form of love. What we know as love between man and woman is nothing but the flowing yin and yang together. And this love, if it is not personalized, can have a great spiritual significance.

The attraction of man and woman for each other is what brings them together so that their latent energies flow into the stream of love and life. That is why a man feels relaxed with a woman and a woman feels at ease with a man. Separated and alone they feel tense and anxious; coming together they feel as light as feathers, weightless. Why? Because something in them, some sbutle energy has become alive and moving, and as a result they feel at home and happy. While dancing, they forget their family relationships and mix with each other as A Man and A Woman, and dance madly, as if all of life is meant for dancing and celebrating. They go to sleep only when they are utterly tired, and so they enter into a sleep so deep..........

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