Saturday, April 11, 2009

Funny, Wise, Bad etc all Sayings.

  • OUR NEIGHBOR'S son Klaus would rather play foot ball than do his homework. His marks were so poor that at the end of the school year he had to stay behind. This is how we put it to his parents: "My contract with the present school class has been renewed for another year."
  • There's no worse war than a war between neighbors.
  • Love moves mountains; fear retreats.
  • Humble words are messenger of peace; proud words are messenger or war.
  • A Poor man with hope lives better than a rich man without it.
  • IF you wish to be served; serve.
NOTHING TO SAY: DURING a lengthy debate at the Legislative Council of Trinidad's pre-independence years, a leading trade union official droned on for a full four and a half hours.
When at last he ended his monologue, Councilor Sir Courtneay Hanays, Queen's Council, jumped to his feet. "My Speaker, sit" he said "Like the past speaker, I have nothing to say." He then resumed his seat.

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